Bespoke ~ the Art of Tailoring

Bespoke Suits

When you come to have a garment specifically personalized and customised for you, it takes time.

The work is all done here locally at our Sartoria and is handcrafted.  Approximately 70 hours of hand work from vision to design to creation to completion.

. . . and neither is a Bespoke Suit

” Bespoke is the Beauty of Waiting for Things”

John De Laurentiis,
the Bespokeman

The Bespokeman

Borrowing from past icons of style, yet adding a contemporary twist to the Art of Tailoring, John De Laurentiis, known as “the Bespokeman“, is continuously inspired by culture and creativity; his trips to his native Italy, his collection of vintage movies, his appreciation for art, luxury automobiles, and gastronomy. Constantly incorporating his ideas and inspirations into the fine distinctions of hand crafted tailoring for a Modern Bespoke garment.

Handcrafted Elegance by the Bespokeman

Our garments are hand-crafted locally, by our team of Italian artisans

The Bespokeman at Le Firme Menswear offers a a vast range of exquisite fabrics, which form the foundation for tailored men’s suits. Luxurious cashmeres, British tweeds, Tropical wools, Summer linens, and many more exquisite fabrics give shape to the perfect bespoke men’s suit.

A selection of the finest fabrics are available

Come in. Enjoy an espresso, and have a conversation with us about the Art of Tailoring. Have a garment designed and custom-made for yourself, … before it’s too late and becomes a lost Art!    


We are honoured to be included amongst the top. Thank you to Taylor Cordingley and Sharp Magazine for awarding us as one of the Greatest Bespoke Tailors in Canada.

Custom Shirts

Our custom shirts are made with the same attention to detail as our Bespoke garments.
Our collection of luxurious shirting fabrics from Canclini, Thomas Mason, and David & John Anderson, offer from formal to casual, from prints to jacquards, from pure Egyptian cotton to precious sea-island cotton.  A wide selection to appeal to all tastes.

Customers will select all details;  their fabric, fit, collar style, pocket or no pocket, placket or no placket and of course a personalized monogram. After taking numerous measurements and most important posture images, the pattern is made, shirt is cut, and a basted try-on will be fitted to ensure a perfect fit before going on to completing the shirt.

Having a problem not finding the perfect fitting shirt in the fabric pattern you have in mind?


Bespoke Accessories

Looking for a special accessory that you cannot find ready made? We can custom make it for you.


Combining traditional Italian hand craftsmanship with his own fresh perspective, De Laurentiis creates Modern Bespoke Suitings and Shirtings. His passion for the craft is unmistakable.

The Bespokeman at Le Firme Menswear offers a true Bespoke level of quality.
Our garments are authentically hand-crafted, locally, by our curated team of Italian artisans.