Wardrobe Style Consultation

Wardrobe Image Style Consulting

Define and Refine your Personal Style

Whether you know exactly how you would like to look, or you don’t
Whether you’re trying to add to your business casual look,
or you have a black tie event
Whether you’re looking for that perfect fit or to distinguish yourself

Whatever your intention,
We will help you discover your look
We will align the look to your craft and lifestyle

Personal Wardrobe Style Consultation 

by Appointment


Mens 3 piece suit in blue windowpane

” I came needing advice on how to dress appropriately, and where to spend my money wisely in building a wardrobe as a young professional. The professionalism, expertise and patience of the Consultants are incomparable. A truly pleasant experience. “

Zachary McD.


You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.

We are not here to just sell you. Our professional service is based on long term customer relationships. We will educate you on the process of building your wardrobe and taking care of your luxury garments and accessories.

A man’s best style and fit cannot be defined by some generalization of the current trend. We discuss our method of fitting a man based on their profession, or interests,  and the reasoning for how we select his ‘best’.
All are taken into consideration when advising.